The Towards Utopia Movement

Be Excellent To Each-other

Welcome to the Towards Utopia Movement. Many years ago I watched a rather silly teenage movie called Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. It was fun but hardly thought provoking. Nevertheless something about it stuck in my mind. Rather than saying something like "have a nice day", Bill and Ted would declare, with high fives, "be excellent to each-other".

That got me thinking, if only we could all just be excellent to each-other and to the environment, we would be living in paradise, we would have utopia.

We live on a beautiful planet which gives us more than enough resources for everybody to live in comfort. We would all live in paradise if we could just stop being rotten to each-other.

It must start with each one of us as individuals. So let's make a start, right now, and begin turning this nightmare world into Utopia.

Be excellent to each-other. Be fair to each-other. Treat everyone as an equal, regardless of race, religion or gender. Change our focus away from "how much can I get" and instead think "how much can I give".

The question then arises "how can we be excellent to those who are treating us badly?"

I don't have any easy answer to this. Some of us believe in turning the other cheek. Others are into revenge. Most of us probably take a more pragmatic position somewhere in between.

A popular saying at the moment is "that which we feed energy to expands, that which we deny energy to contracts". I believe there is a lot of truth in tins, within limits.

If you are being chased by a leopard, sitting on the ground visualising an empty space where the predator is probably won't save your life. Maybe one day, when we are all a lot more spirituality advanced but not yet. Better to get out of there fast and be more vigilant in the future. Watch your back. Watch four friends' backs. Don't be a victim.

Meerkats post a sentry. If an eagle or a snake approaches they give a warning. The other meerkats don't accuse the sentry of spreading hatred towards eagles and snakes. We need to be like those meerkats and warn each-other of potential dangers from those who are not yet ready to embrace our utopian, egalitarian philosophy.

Its important that we keep this as a grass roots movement. We need to be able to think clearly and see clearly, free from the influences of political correctness, political parties, biased media or our corrupted educational system which is designed to turn out passive, compliant workers rather than free thinkers.

Challenge every belief. Ask "do I really believe this or did I just learn it at school or at university?" Just because everyone else you know believes something doesn't necessarily make it true. Do your own research and draw your own conclusion. Be a free-thinker.

We need to see each separate issue for what it really is, irrespective of some party dogma. Political parties, left, right or centre, are not what they pretend to be. If you support any particular party you are expected to buy into their whole manifesto, the bits you agree with as well as the stuff that makes no sense at all.

You don't have to believe everything I say and I don't expect you will. Your idea of utopia will be different from mine in some respects. Even when we have a million supporters, we will still have a million slightly different definitions of utopia. That's healthy. We are individual people not clones.

On this website you will find a number of articles dealing with different challenges the world now faces and how each one of us, as free, independent free-thinkers can move society forward.

The world will not be saved by politicians but by the small deeds of each and every one of us. Every time we choose, you and I, to be excellent to somebody or to the environment, we are moving society TOWARDS UTOPIA.

Be excellent to each-other
Jack Cox
Founder of the Towards Utopia Movement

Gandhi told us we must "be the change we want to see in the world".

Please join us in becomming that change,
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one act of generosiy at a time,
one act of defiance at a time.

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