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Our Clothes are our Personal Choice

But choices have consequences

Some people have asked me how they should dress. Now its not my place to tell anyone how to dress, or even whether or not they should dress. In Utopia we will all be totally free to decide these things for ourselves.

But we are not there yet. I've learned a bit about the effects of clothing over the years.

Back in the 1960s I was a hippie. Advocating peace and love we were no threat to anyone but we were perceived to be.

We dressed to exclude ourselves from a mainstream society we considered to be corrupt and violent. The Vietnam War had just kicked off and we didn't want to be associated with it in any way.

Trouble was mainstream society was only too keen to cooperate with us in our attempt to exclude ourselves. They wanted nothing to do with us either. This was a problem because most of us had jobs we wanted to keep.

I soon learnt that there was a way to dress in the office and a way to dress at the weekend.

I really don't care how people dress as long as they don't walk around in public wearing masks.

Islamic extremists, the English Defence League and the Ku Klux Klan wear masks.

Masks have long been associated with lawlessness, thieves, highwaymen and bad people generally.

As a nation we spend millions on security cameras, all wasted if people can walk around masked. There can be no legitimate reason to want to hide your identity behind a mask.

Bikers wear helmets to protect their sculls while riding but should remove them as soon as they get off their bikes.

Associated with masks, in the minds of some people, are the hair coverings worn by fundamentalist Muslim women.

The niqab is a mask for the face that leaves the area around the eyes clear but still impedes clear identification so is not really acceptable in the West.

Hijabs typically cover the head and neck but leave the face clear. Its not my place to tell people what they can and can't wear but I have been asked for my advice which is to avoid such garments because of their negative associations in many people's minds.

Some Muslim women claim that wearing them is their personal choice but others have admitted that they fear violent reprisals or even rape if they go barehanded.

Don't ever tell a woman its her own fault she got raped because of the way she chooses to dress. The idea that some Muslim men are so repressed that the mere sight of a female hair can send them into an uncontrollable sex frenzy is open to debate. The point here is that its an idea that has caught the public imagination, so why pander to it? Why feed people's fears?

Much better to let your hair blow freely in the breeze and prove that you do not live in fear of your menfolk.

Also ask yourself why you wish to separate yourself from mainstream society. It's your choice but choices have consequences. Are you prepared to take full responsibility for the consequence of your choices? Its up to you.

I can understand if anyone were to object to me saying that scantily clad women are not to blame for being raped but migrants in ethnic clothing are to blame for causing bad feelings among the established population. If, as I keep saying, the same rules must apply to everyone regardless of race, religion or gender, surely either both are to blame or neither are to blame.

Yes, I see where you are coming from with this. The best way for me to explain is to say that there is a difference between blame and responsibility. Responsibility has nothing to do with blame, it is merely the ability to respond. It is also the ability to think ahead and avoid a potential problem. Neither are to blame, neither are at fault, but in the reality of the dystopian world we live in, both must bear some responsibility.

I want to say women should be able to wear what they like without being attacked and in the utopia I am trying to move towards that will be the reality.

The problem here is not so much one of clothing choice but of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism simply doesnít work. Its a failed experiment. You just can't put a culture that idealises prudishness and a culture that abhors prudishness together and not expect conflict. Western women are free, relish their freedom and demonstrate it in the way they dress. Women from extremist Muslim families are not free, don't want to be free and demonstrate that in the completely over-the-top way they cover all flesh and hair. The two groups are never going to get along side by side. Our women will continue to exercise their right to dress normally and their men will continue is misinterpret normal western clothing as promiscuousness, as an invitation to commit rape. Both styles of dress are fine in the appropriate setting. Western dress is appropriate in the West and Islamic dress is appropriate in Islamic countries.

This of course very much fits in with the principle , the tenth pillar of utopia, of tolerance and respect. You donít move to a foreign country and then fail to tolerate the way the local people dress. And as to the ones born here, its their parents who are absolutely to blame for this ridiculous situation. You certainly donít move to a foreign country and then not bother to learn the local culture and bring up your children in that culture. That is showing a total lack of respect for the native population.

We have to put a stop to this multiculturalism nonsense. It has divided our country long enough. People who want to move here must adopt our culture. Genuine migrants travel to other countries with the intention of being changed by the experience. `Invaders travel to other counties with the intention of making changes there. Its really not rocket science. You move here then expect to adopt our ways. We move to your country, we will adopt your ways. That's the only way this migration thing can possibly work.

All we can do for now is to urge our governments, courts and police to protect women, and men too for that matter, from being raped. That means protecting venerable people in all communities and that the police must ignore no-go areas and make sure that everyone in our country gets fair and equal policing. Go in heavily armed if necessary but do go in and do your jobs without fear or favour.

So what about modern youth fashions? Kids with their trousers at half mast and their underpants showing look ridiculous but maybe they are trying to make a statement. Again its up to them. They will be excluded from mainstream society and they will find it hard to find or keep a job but that's their choice. Provided they are happy to take full responsibility for the consequences of their choice its up to them.

What I have no sympathy with is people who make such choices and then run around bleating that life is unfair or that other people are intolerant or even worse, the current overused buzzword 'racist'.

I was on the bus the other day when this chap got on with his carer. I often see people like him on that route, there must be a home for them somewhere nearby.

He didn't appear to be violent. He was friendly enough, if anything, rather too friendly. He kept asking everyone how they were. He kept shouting 'woowoowoo' and other similar sounds very loudly.

And everyone moved away from him on the bus.

He wasn't a danger, he was just different.

Anyone who has studied just a little sociology knows that people tend to avoid people who are different. They prefer to be around other people who behave and dress like them.

I remember at school, all those years ago, being shown several pictures of the same girl and being asked which girl I found the most attractive. They were all the same girl but each was dressed in the style of a different youth culture of the time. And yes, how they were dressed really did make a huge difference to how attracted I was to them and how I thought about them.

People dress to fit in with their preferred social set.

When travelling abroad, especially if we have chosen to settle in a new country, we face many choices. One of the main ones is do we wish to be accepted into the mainstream culture of our chosen country or do we wish to stick with the company and culture of the people we moved here with.

When I went to live in Spain I found it useful to spend the first couple of years in a British ghetto with other foreigners like myself. This meant I could ease myself in gently and take my time learning the language and customs.

I fully understand newcomers in Britain preferring the company of their own people for a year or two while they learn our language and customs.

As soon as I felt comfortable I moved to a small mountain village where I was the only foreigner. That was over twenty years ago and I was quite a novelty but I soon made friends, learnt their ways, stopped dressing like a tourist and was quickly accepted.

What I cannot understand is Brits abroad or newcomers to Britain and other Western countries, choosing to live their whole lives in ghettos, dressing like foreigners and never fitting in.

Why do people like that choose to live overseas in the first place? I just don't get it. They would have been better off staying in their home countries with their own people.

There is a difference I have noticed though. Not meaning to over-generalise but some of the Asian people living in the West tend to look down upon their own people who go native. They tend to be against mixed marriages and Western values generally. Such people should never have come to live here in the first place. Fortunately they are not all like that and we should give every assistance to the ones who do try to embrace Western values and culture.

Westerners living overseas are usually different. We tend to admire people who have the courage to go native, seek out their company and try to learn from them. Secretly we wish we could be more like that ourselves. Westerners often feel very privileged when their children are accepted to marry into local families.

Be excellent to each-other. Be excellent to newcomers in your country. Help them to fit in, to fully integrate into your society. Invite them into your homes and help them resist the sad ones who do not want others to integrate.

If you wish to live in a foreign country be excellent to the native people, show them respect and deep gratitude for being allowed to live among them. Follow their example and make a supreme effort to fit in. You owe them that and you owe it to yourself too. The more you try to fit in with the native way of life, the more welcoming you will find the local people.

So to sum up my advice, provided you can be easily identified, dress as you like, but do consider the consequences of your choices and take full responsibility for those consequences.

I look forward to the day when we won't have to worry about these things. Everyone will be totally free to dress or not as they like and express their true selves without fear. If you share my vision, please do sign up below.

I wish you much happiness and love.

Be excellent to each-other
Jack Cox
Founder of the Towards Utopia Movement

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