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Freedom of Religion

In Utopia everyone will enjoy total freedom of religion belief, and of religious practice within the limits set by law PROVIDED ...

In Utopia everyone will enjoy total freedom of religion PROVIDED that they give everyone else that same freedom and that they obey the laws of the country in which they live before any religious laws.

You are only entitled to the same freedoms that you are willing to give to everyone else, including members, and ex-members of your own religion.

We must oppose all forms of religious fundamentalism. The truth is that there is no such thing as the one true religion. No religion has a monopoly on truth or a monopoly on God. All tolerant paths lead us into the light as surely as all intolerant ones lead us into darkness. Let your light shine forth!

Yes we must have Freedom of Religion. Of course we must. Nobody has the right to force his or her beliefs upon another.

Having said that I should mention that there are three rather intolerant, overly patriarchal religions that try to suppress the devine feminine. Masculine and feminine aspects of divinity, gods and goddesses, have been revered in balance for at least 30,000 years.

Then round about the time of Abraham, maybe earlier, a shift occured. patriarchal attitudes began to dominate and suppress the divine feminine. Priestesses who had been respected for their wisdom, understanding the cycles of life and living in harmony with them, started to be regarded as witches.

"We are living in the time of the return of the goddess. We need her wisdom to inform and inspire humanity to live cooperatively again if life on this earth is going to survive. We need her clarity of vision, her deep compassion, and her unwavering patience to live in harmony with each other and the environment." - Lawrence Edwards PhD

As we move towards the Age of Aquarius and the utopia we are trying to build, we will find gender balance being restored. The three patriarchal religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam will have to adapt if they are to survive, as will any matriarchal ones that have sprung up recently.

They will have to accept that men and women are equal and that God is not just male but consists of both male and female, god and goddess aspects. Islam will probably have more difficulty with this adjustment than will the other two.

I would never try to prevent people from following patriarchal or matriarchal religions if that is their choice. I am a strong supporter of freedom of religion. I am just predicting that, as we move towards the Age of Aquarius, such religions will find themselves being left behind.

Utopia will only be possible with complete gender equality and this will have to be reflected in our ideas of divinity.

Be excellent to each-other
Jack Cox
Founder of the Towards Utopia Movement

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