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Nationalism vs Globalism

Nationalism is often portrayed as being narrow-minded and inward looking while Globalism is seen as broad-minded and outward looking, but is this right? John Lennon seemed to think so when he asked us to imagine a world without separate countries. Then again, he was probably unaware of how big and powerful multi-national corporations were to become. Many are more powerful and have more influence than democratically elected governments, so powerful in fact that they can get away without paying their taxes for years. He must also have been quite ignorant of history.

Throughout history globalists have tried to unite the world. Fantastic! At least until we realise that what they really want is to unite the world under their leadership. Hitler's ambition was to unite Europe and ultimately the world, under his control. EU leaders have a similar ambition today.

The Roman Empire was an attempt to unify the known world, under Roman control of course.

Alfred the Great wanted to unite all the Kingdoms of England (the name the Saxons used for the territory they had recently conquered from the British) under his control.

Alexander the Great wanted to unite the known world of his day under his control.

And Napoleon Bonaparte was another despotic globalist psychopath with the same age old ambition.

When will we ever lean to see through the globalist propaganda?

Beware of political censorship, the repression of ideas. So-called 'political correctness' is an Orwellian tool invented by totalitarian globalists to suppress free speech and open discussion and we reject it absolutely. Its a tool used by elites for controlling the people.

Speaking of George Orwell, he invented the concept of 'new-speak' where everything is backwards. Well today everything is backwards. The fascists who insist on 'political correctness' are coming from the left, not the right and their Blackshirts call themselves Antifa and pretend to be anti-Nazi. But their definition of Nazi is anyone further to the right than themselves. The truth is that they, themselves, are the true Nazis of today, violently attacking anyone who stands for freedom and equality.

We can be sure that if ever we do end up with a world government it will not be a democracy, rather it will be rich elites, from the world of business or politics, lording it over the rest of us.

Back in the 1970s and 80s Greens understood that decentralisation, short, local supply lines and self-sufficiency were the way to a sustainable future. Then, somehow, the green movement became infiltrated by globalists and our dream was dashed.

Well I used to be a proud green and a proud liberal, back in the days when those labels still meant sustainability and freedom. How did we loose our way?

Now I am proud to be a nationalist.

We nationalists want to live in a free and independent country and, by extension, we want every other country in the world to be free and independent too.

We want a world filled with free and independent nations, all different, all special and all cooperating together willingly.

We respect other people's national boundaries and we demand that they respect ours.

We respect other countries' cultures and we demand that they respect ours.

Foreigners are welcome to live among us provided they adapt to our way of life and do not expect us to change to suit them.

We don't invade other people's countries, that's globalists.

Globalism, with its one size fits all solutions, doesn't work.

Nationalists are the true greens because we want decentralisation, short, local supply lines and self-sufficiency.

Nationalists are the true liberals because we want freedom of speech, the freedom to debate on all subjects and the freedom for everyone to do their own thing without having to worry about 'offending' intolerant idiots.

We want freedom of religion for everyone. This sometimes gets us wrongly labelled as 'racists' when we opposite a religion (radical Islam) that denies its followers the right to leave, calling them 'apostates'. Yet we oppose all religions that preach that they are the one and only true religion and that followers of other paths are sinners or infidels. No religion has a monopoly on truth or a monopoly on God. May the God that is above all human religions please save us from religious bigots.

We want all national governments to be free to make their own countries' laws, laws which suit their citizens' needs and which suite the local culture. This sometimes gets us wrongly labelled as 'racists' when we opposite a religion (radical Islam) that tries to impose it's own laws, Sharia Law, on the free citizens of sovereign nations. Radical Islamists are globalists who want to unite the whole world under an Islamic caliphate. Well we don't like that idea and for the sake of freedom loving people everywhere, including many Muslims, we will continue to oppose it. Call us all the rude names you like, tell all the lies about us you like, we will always oppose globalism in all its forms.

We most certainly do not think that our race or skin colour or religion makes us superior to anyone else. Please don't confuse nationalists with white supremacists or black supremacists or Muslim supremacists or Christian supremacists or any other kind of supremacists. We are none of those things. We are nationalists. We want to see lots of small, devolved, independent nations where each of those groups can find a home, where people can live with others who share common values, common beliefs, common assumptions and a common culture.

Multiculturalism is a failed experiment. People like to live among their own kind. And people have the right to insist that newcomers adapt themselves and try to fit in. Most people welcome immigrants who make an effort to learn the culture and blend in seamlessly. Genuine migrants move to a foreign country with the intention of allowing it to change them. If you go to a country, with or without guns, with the intention of changing it, you are an invader, not an immigrant.

Nationalism, freedom, individuality, universal equality and respect for the differences that make us all special pave the road to Utopia - not dull, suffocating one-size-fits-all globalism.

If you share our vision please do join us.

Be excellent to each-other
Jack Cox
Founder of the Towards Utopia Movement

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