The Towards Utopia Movement

Local Groups

So let's start being excellent to each-other. Let's start right now.

But, I hear you say, its not easy being excellent to people who are being rotten to us.

No its not, I quite agree. Some of us may feel up to turning the other cheek and sending all the bad people love, and that's wonderful, but some of us are not quite there yet.

But if we don't start now then when? If we wait for other people to change first we will wait forever. So it may well be easier, for now, to ignore all the mean, bigoted, selfish people and just be excellent to each-other, to the people who share our dream.

So how about starting a local group where you live, in your own village, town or city? Maybe you can find members through or social media.

You could meet once a week to make friends and discuss how to help one-and-other. The important thing is for every member to agree to abide by the ten pillars of utopia, or at least as many of them as are piratical for a small group.

Pillar 1 - Be excellent to each-other and to the environment

Pillar 2 - Universal Equality -

Pillar 3 - Tolerance and respect for all other broad-minded, tolerant people.

Pillar 4 - Respect our planet and all her natural systems, taking only what we need.

Pillar 5 - Co-operation and good will between free, independent nations and free, independent citizens everywhere. The co-operation between countries is beyond the scope of a local group but co-operation between citizens is certainly possible.

Pillar 6 - Truth.

Pillar 7 - Absolute freedom of religion.

Pillar 8 - Generosity.

Pillar 9 - Fair people-centric governments. We can all campaign for our own government to be more accountable and to put us, the people, first.

Pillar 10 - Maintain a stable population. We are all accountable for how many children we have.

So let's make a start, right now. Let me know if you are forming a group or have formed one and I will post the details on this page.

Be excellent to each-other
Jack Cox
Founder of the Towards Utopia Movement

Gandhi told us we must "be the change we want to see in the world".

Please join us in becomming that change,
one act of kindness at a time,
one act of generosiy at a time,
one act of defiance at a time.

Please help us spread the word.
We have no paid staff or premises.
100% of the money you donate gets spent
on promoting our message of hope.

The Towards Utopia Movement is an Unincorporated Association,
a type of not for profit organisation
recognised under English law.