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Migrants - Citizens of the World?

In Utopia people will be free to travel and indeed settle anywhere they wish provided they follow the first pillar of Utopia, be excellent to each-other. Be excellent especially to the established population whose families may well have lived there for hundreds or even thousands of years. Show them respect, obey their laws and fully integrate into their culture.

There are nearly two hundred different countries on this planet, each with its own unique set of laws and traditions. Surely that's enough choice for everyone. But there is only one legitimate reason to want to live in a foreign country and that reason is that you love that country, every aspect of that country, just the way it is. At the very least, you must be prepared to put up with any aspects you don't like without making a fuss.

Now please don't think I am against migration or against migrants. I most certainly am not. I have lived nearly half my adult life as a migrant, 3 years in The Netherlands and 17 years in Spain. I have been with the best, most respectful of migrants and I have also been with the very worst, rude, arrogant people who made me ashamed to be British.

When I returned to England in 2012 I lived in a part of Oxford which had many migrants. Once again I saw the very best as well as the very worst of immigrants.

I am passionate about making migration work and my experiences mean that I can now see the way forward and I shall share my insights with you here.

People have no right to move just for a better climate, while hating the local culture, as many Brits are doing right now in Spain. Most love the climate and the culture of course, learn the language to the best of their ability and really try to fit in. I lived 17 years in Spain and ran a business there. Sure there were aspects of the Spanish system I found challenging but they were a small price to pay for the privilege of living there.

And in today's distopian world some countries are richer than others. There are many economic migrants moving to the richer countries. But people have absolutely no right to move for purely financial reasons with absolutely no intention of fully integrating into the local culture. And they have absolutely no right to try and bring their own sharia laws with them either. You want to live in a country you obey that country's laws.

I am very much in favour of the free movement of people but it has to be done properly. The way it is currently being implemented in many parts of the world is a nightmare. The whole idea of multiculturalism is a globalist nightmare. It has led to resentment and hatred everywhere it has been tried. Migrants must adopt the host culture, that's the only way this migration thing is ever going to work.

Newcomers have absolutely no right to try and change their adopted country. To do so would be disrespectful and would most certainly not be being excellent to the established population there. Entering a country in order to change it is an invasion, not a migration.

If you do not love your new country just the way it is, or at least tolerate the bits you don't like, you have no right to be there.

Of course migrants can keep their own religion. The seventh pillar of utopia guarantees that, so long as they practice it unobtrusively and respect the freedom of religion of those who believe differently.

When in Rome do as the Romans do.

This sound advice was given to St. Augustine back in the 4th century and is just as valid now as it was then.

When visiting a foreign land, follow the customs of those who live in it. It can also mean that when you are in an unfamiliar situation, you should follow the lead of those who know the ropes.

Multiculturalism is a failed experiment. National borders exist to contain and protect cultures. If you don't like the culture where you are living, move, you are not a tree. There are nearly 200 different countries to choose from. Go where you will be happiest.

Trying to run different, often incompatible cultures along side each other in the same place is a recipe for disaster. When the newcomers choose to live and dress the same way as their hosts harmony can be quickly restored. I am certainly not telling anyone how to behave or dress (within accepted limits), although I include further advice here. This must be the free choice of every individual but choices have consequences and people must be willing to accept the consequences of their choices. It may be that choosing not to fit in will result in friction with the local people. If you chose not to fit in then you caused that.

Travel broadens the mind so when you move allow your mind to be stretched and enriched by new ideas. Don't take your old narrow-minded attitudes with you.

In March 2017 Birmingham councillor Waseem Zaffar claimed that St. Clare's Catholic Primary School had breached anti-discrimination laws by refusing to allow a four year old girl to wear a Muslim headscarf.

However he had it all backwards. There was no discrimination. The 'no hats or headwear' rule applied equally to all pupils regardless of race, religion or gender.

Rather than arguing against discrimination, Zaffar was actually asking for discrimination in favour of Muslims.

We get this so often now, Muslims ( it always seems to be Muslims ) demanding racist exemptions to our rules and laws and accusing us of racism when we refuse to bow to their racism.

Its all backwards, its Orwellian 'newspeak'.

Tolerance is backwards too these days. It used to mean everyone getting along and being free to be themselves. Now its supposed to be intolerant to 'offend' intolerant people. Excuse me. Tolerant people are not easily offended and intolerant people don't matter.

In a fair society, the same rules and laws must apply to everyone regardless of race, religion or gender.

And when people move to a new country they must obey all the rules and laws of that country and fully integrate into its culture.

If they are not willing and eager to do that they have no right to be there.

There will be a few of you, I know, who will not bother to try and understand what I have actually written here. They will jump to false conclusions based on their own prejudices and accuse me of racism. This happens far too often.

For the benefit of those people let me state, for the record, that the same ' when in Rome ' rule must apply to everyone, regardless of race, religion or gender.

In this article I have given an example of a Muslim failing to apply this rule.

Let me give a few other examples of this rule being broken.

# The British invasion of Ireland.

# The British invasion of India.

# The European invasion of the Americas.

# The British invasion of Australia.

# The British military reaction to the closure of the Suiz Canal.

# The Dutch invasion of South Africa.

# The British / French carve up of the Middle East following the First World War.

# The American invasion of Iraq ( twice ).

# The American invasion of Afghanistan.

# The American invasion of Lybia.

# All the American covert operations by their CIA to effect regiem change in foreign countries.

These are just a few of the many times that white European and American people have interfered in other people's countries. Its not just brown skinned people doing this.

Never invade other peoples' countries. There's no telling how it will end.

There is absolutely nothing racist about my position. The same rules must apply to everyone regardless of race, religion or gender.

Of course there is nothing wrong with the established population learning from the newcomers. The important thing is for the settlers to introduce their ideas gently and be willing to take no for an answer if their ideas are not welcome.

Let's not loose sight of what we are trying to achieve here. This isn't about knocking migrants. We are trying to find a way to move towards a utopian society where freedom of movement will be the norm, where we can all be proud, responsible citizens of the world. But in order to achieve that we must establish a set of ground rules whereby newcomers can be quickly and seamlessly absorbed into the established population of their chosen country. What I am proposing here is a set of such ground rules.

We will achieve a state of utopia when we all have good manners, when we all respect one another, when we are all excellent to one another. And that's the only way this migration thing is going to work too.

Migrants will only be welcome if they have good manners, if they respect the established population and are excellent to them. Only then will the migrants themselves we respected.

Be excellent to each-other
Jack Cox
Founder of the Towards Utopia Movement

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