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The Ten Pillars of Utopia

Pillar 1 - Be excellent to each-other and to the environment. This is the first pillar of utopia. It is the main, fundamental principle. The other nine pillars are really just some of the ways we can implement this first fundamental principle. This does not necessarily mean loving your enemy or tolerating abuse. It does not mean allowing yourself to become victim. Not everyone will be on the same path to utopia that we are on. This principle is about being excellent to others on the same path, or on a neutral path, to animals and to our Mother Earth, but not to those who want to hurt us and do us harm. Its important to protect ourselves and our loved ones and to stay safe.

Pillar 2 - Universal Equality -. No more flotillas of little groups each demanding more rights for themselves ( the me, me, me brigade) just a basic, fundamental understanding that everybody on the planet is the equal of every other person regardless of race, religion or gender.

Perhaps it shouldn't be automatic though. Perhaps equality should be applied for at age 18. Perhaps people should make a statement requesting to be treated as the equal of every other adult and agreeing to treat every other adult as their equal, regardless of race, religion or gender. That way anyone who thinks his or her gender, race or religion places them above other people would be excluded from having equal rights.

Pillar 3 - Tolerance and respect for all other broad-minded, tolerant people.. This absolutely does not mean walking around on eggshells trying not to offend intolerant, small-minded fools. Tolerant people are not easily offended and intolerant people don't share our vision of utopia.

Pillar 4 - Respect our planet and all her natural systems,. taking only what we need. Mother Earth gives us life. Without her benevolence we would die. We must love and revere her, worship her as a goddess as our ancestors had the good sense to do.

Buy organic, locally sourced food or grow your own. Walk or cycle to work, invest in local, small-scale renewable energy, use local butchers, grocers, green grocers and fish mongers rather than the big supermarkets.

By looking after our home planet we will always have a truly utopian place to live.

Pillar 5 - Co-operation and good will. between free, independent nations and free, independent citizens everywhere. This requires a healthy respect for national boundaries. Without strong boarders we would soon end up with a totalitarian world government.

All countries are different and its their difference that make them special. We have nearly 200 different independent nations on the planet, each with its own unique set of customs and laws. In order to preserve this richness and diversity we must respect the right of the people of each nation to run their own affairs as they choose. People who do not like the conditions in the country of their ancestors should have two choices, campaign for change or leave.

People who want to settle in a new country should generally be allowed to do so provided they love their new country just the way it is and don't try to make changes there. It is the responsibility of the newcomer to adapt and fit in with the established population, not the other way around.

No government has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of another country or to try and bring about regime change there. We must stop attacking and invading other peoples' countries.

Pillar 6 - Truth -. We are drowning in a sea of lies. Our politicians lie to us. Our news media lie to us. Sales people lie to us. Our friends and family lie to us. What hope have we of ever knowing what is really going on unless we all stop lying to each-other?

Pillar 7 - Absolute freedom of religion . for all adults and an understanding that children are not to be indoctrinated into any religion. They can decide which, if any, to follow when they grow up.

Pillar 8 - Generosity - . We are trying to build a world where people earn respect and status according to what they put into society, instead of what they take out for themselves. The focus has to be on how much we can give, not how much we can get.

Pillar 9 - Fair people-centric governments - . I said above that the people of each country must be free to choose the type of government they wish. I am British so I tend to write about the type of government I want in the United Kingdom. Its is not my wish to try and impose this anywhere else.

Many forms of government have been tried around the world since our species began. The strongest male chimp is usually the leader who rules with the help of other strong, mature males.

As we evolved our tribes were similarly ruled and as our tribes got bigger we had kings, czars and emperors. Up until the middle ages, kings would lead their armies into battle. They earned their privileged position. Then they got lazy and claimed that the divine right of kings gave them their power. Unrest among the people stirred.

Various alternative governments were tried in different places. Russian communism gained public support by offering to bring power to the people. The new government was just as cruel and greedy as the czar had been and it soon became apparent that 'the people' was just a euphemism for 'the government'. People had simply replaced one oppressor for another.

A lot of people who yearn for utopia, me included, dream of anarchy. Wouldn't it be great to have no leaders and for everyone to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing? Yes it would but we are not ready for that yet. Sure it can work on a small scale, on a commune say, but there are too many selfish, greedy people in the world for anarchy to work on a large scale. Another thousand years perhaps?

We may not be ready for total anarchy quite yet but whatever system of government we choose, let's make it as light and unobtrusive as possible. Laws should be kept to the bare minimum and people should be free to run their own lives as they wish as long as they are being excellent to each-other and to Mother Earth.

So that leaves us with democracy. I refer you to my article We Have The Technology, We Can Rebuild Our Democracy for an analysis of how we could make our democratic system more fair and accountable. But whatever system we choose it must be fair and it must treat everyone the same, regardless of race, religion or gender. It must also support free speech for without free and open debate on all subjects, solutions to problems can never be found. Censorship and political correctness just leave resentments simmering under the surface until they boil over into violence.

So there are the nine pillars of utopia. Some of these ideas fall into the province of world politics so please do write to your member of parliament or congressman and tell him or her that this is the kind of world you want to live in and demand for your children.

Others are just about how you and I choose to live each day, the decisions we make and the way we act towards each-other and Mother Earth.

Every time we spend money we are casting a vote for the kind of world we want for ourselves and our children. Every choice we make too, deciding to walk or cycle to work instead of taking the car, every time we choose to grow vegetables instead of laying down a lawn, every time we buy organic, local produce, we change our world for the better.

Pillar 10 - Maintain a stable population - . The world population reached one billion people in 1804. By 1900 it had reached 1.6 billion. By 1999 it had reached six billion. Now as I write this in 2017 we stand at over 7.5 billion and rising by the second.

It is estimated that we will reach ten billion around 2083, but that will never happen. The world cannot support ten billion people. Mother Earth will have us off her back long before then, unless we bite the bullet and voluntarily limit our numbers.

The bottom line is that all the things we humans are doing wrong, consuming, polluting and destroying, wouldn't matter as much if there were a lot fewer of us doing it. We are all global warmers and polluters. Please don't breed any more global warmers and polluters.

Be excellent to each-other
Jack Cox
Founder of the Towards Utopia Movement

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