The Towards Utopia Movement

Tolerance and respect

Utopia can only exist were we all show tolerance and respect to all other broad-minded, tolerant people. Indeed Utopia requires that all people, everywhere, be broad-minded and tolerant. That's the only way this utopia thing is going to work. We are all different and its our differences that make us so very special.

This absolutely does not mean walking around on eggshells trying not to offend intolerant, small-minded fools. Tolerant people are not easily offended and intolerant people don't share our vision of utopia.

We all have different ideas on how to live a good life. We all like doing different things, we have different things we are good at, different hobbies, and different ways we express our creativity. And we each have our own different, unique ways of contributing to society.

Its no coincidence that I used the word 'different' al lot there. We are all different in a multitude of beautiful ways. Life would be so boring were we all the same. It is the variety of individual expression that makes life interesting.

The central tenet of the Towards Utopia Movement is Be Excellent to Each-other. So we should encourage each-other's individuality and try to help each-other express that individuality.

Of course if the way you like to express your individuality is, for instance, to play your music really loudly, and you live in a close proximity to other people with different musical tastes, you are not really being excellent to them, are you now? Be excellent to your neighbours and get some headphones! Either that or move away.

This of course leads into another important pillar of Utopia, maintain a stable population. One of the problems we have today is there are just too many of us. Too many people crammed into too small a space. This, coupled with poverty, leads to overcrowded conditions where we have far more opportunities to annoy one and other.

So let's limit our population so we all have plenty of room in which to express ourselves without interfering with others.

Which brings me neatly back to respect, respect for our planet and all her natural systems, taking only what we need. Mother Earth gives us life. Without her benevolence we would die. We must love and revere her, worship her as a goddess as our ancestors had the good sense to do. Buy organic, locally sourced food or grow your own. Walk or cycle to work, invest in local, small-scale renewable energy, use local butchers, grocers, green grocers and fish mongers rather than the big supermarkets.

Utopia will be a network of cooperating, small-scale, decentralised, self-sufficient communities NOT some impersonal, totalitarian, globalised mega-state. By looking after our home planet and the other people and creatures we share it with, we will always have a truly utopian place in which to live and express ourselves.

Be excellent to each-other
Jack Cox
Founder of the Towards Utopia Movement

Gandhi told us we must "be the change we want to see in the world".

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